As a skilled metal smith I welcome commissions.

I also undertake repairs large and small in ferrous or non ferrous metals.

I am constantly exploring and experimenting with different processes for manipulating metal to create sculpture, vessels, wallhangings etc.

In addition to producing hand forged sculpture I also apply my techniques to make functional items such as: bridges, furniture, gates, security grilles, balustrades, gazebos, candle stands etc. You can see various examples in the gallery.

All the objects shown are hand forged in mild or stainless steel. This process can produce wonderfully subtle colour variations  from blues to browns, purples and reds complemented by various surface textures. Stainless steel is much harder to forge than mild steel but has the advantage of being resistant to corrosion so it is possible to produce a bright finish which can contrast well with the usual dark finish of forged steel.

I had the pleasure of attending Camberwell Art College where we were encouraged to explore the creative capabilities of metals and apply them to functional objects. Since leaving college I have continued to explore a number of processes utilising tube and sheet steel rather than more traditional solid bar in order to encourage innovation. My education continues as I apply these creative ideas to my own sculpture and customer commissions, depending on practicality.

Allied with my previous managerial experience I apply myself to all my projects with a professional approach, with the aim of producing high quality, good value work, thus ensuring satisfied customers.

I regularly undertake commissions for people, some plain and simple, others more interesting, where I am allowed more scope to incorporate my own ideas. These always involve extensive discussions with the customer to ensure expectations are met and a satisfactory result for both parties.

This bridge is a good example of meeting a functional requirement to link the balcony to the garden with my desire to incorporate sculptural posts made from forged stainless steel sheet. A slate and glass floor covers a sturdy steel base giving added interest, whilst still allowing a reasonable amount of light below.


I will be very happy to discuss your requirements for all types of metalwork both internal and external, sculptural or functional.

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